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TNT Track Club is a Non-Profit Organization that encourages and motivates student-athletes to reach their goals in Central Florida. We are committed to serving the community and providing support for the student-athletes in the Orlando area. As a staff, we have coached, developed, & volunteered with multiple ages and grades levels. We are looking forward to helping the youth in Central Florida by mentoring, consistently motivating, and training athletes to become stronger, better and faster not only on the track but off the track.


The student-athlete will be provided with guidance in fitness/wellness, nutrition and life management skills. Our vision for our athletes is to earn an academic and athletic scholarship. Academics is more important than winning in any sportOur student-athletes will be competing in AAU events which will be held locally in the area. Our goal is to qualify and send athletes to compete in the AAU Junior Olympics and Disney Club Championship in multiple events.


TNT Track Club will service the youth that desire to participate in Track & Field. Each year we will set higher goals for our athletes. They will continuously reach and exceed the norms and expectations of our track club. We will stride to break records as well as produce quality high school and college caliber athletes. TNT Track Club will build and encourage our youth to be model citizens in the community, leaders in the classroom and on the track! 

Coaching Style

Positive Motivation + Mental Toughness = Success

We believe that your mind dictates your success.  You must push your mind, body and spirit in order to maximize your potential.  

Laws of the Jungle

  • Be Teachable

  • No excuses, Mind over matter

  • Delete "Can't" from your vocabulary 

  • Stay positive no matter what happens

  • Believe in yourself

  • Focus on the task at hand

  • Set weekly, monthly, yearly goals

  • Work each day to accomplish those goals

  • HAVE FUN!!

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